Lora Woodward focuses on meeting her clients where they are and being completely present to supporting their journey. Her values shine in the words of her clients. From small business owners to professionals navigating transition, she adapts to her client's unique situation and supports their ability to achieve their goals.



“I had the pleasure of completing a Life Planning series with Lora.  What an eye-opening experience this was for me!  The tools utilized combined with Lora’s coaching experience helped me see and understand the things in my life that were important, and it was as if I was seeing them through a new lens. With this new clarity, I was able to create possibilities that I had only ever ‘wished for’ or ‘talked about’.  Lora has a great coaching presence that guided me through the process, she is super supportive and yet challenged me at the same time.  I felt she had a sincere interest in helping me live my life in a positive and productive way.  Overall, a very positive experience and I would highly recommend for others.”

- Becky Marden MSN, RN, CNML, Director of Career Development, Elliot Health System

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“Over the course of our coaching sessions, Lora helped me feel better able to handle the projects in my life, dig into my inner critic, and understand my energy at various times. If I was struggling with a topic, she had an intuitive way of knowing what direction to take the conversation to get me to open up more or share just the right information that I needed to hear. Not only was I able to accomplish some goals during our time working together, but also gain a better understanding of myself!”

- Kate P., nonprofit Program Director



“Lora helped me to crystallize goals and intentions, explore hurdles that exist internally and externally, and build confidence to take action. She was always present during our conversations, and asked really thoughtful questions that challenged me to dig deeper and rethink my perspective. She showed genuine interest in my thoughts and goals, and was encouraging along the way. “

- Sarah Papperman, Team Leader, Wesley Family Services

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"Lora helped me start my business in woodworking and restoration! I came to her with many scattered ideas, but I didn’t really know where to start. Lora helped me define my vision, lay out my short and long term goals, and set a time line for achieving those goals. I feel organized now! Plus, Lora is such an approachable person; we had a lot of fun working together. Thank you, Lora!"

- Heather Tauck, Owner, HT Woodshop



"In Lora's company, I always felt heard.  Her insights and patience provided me with the ability to both understand and accept that all I need to change my life lies within me.  She guided my thoughts by asking empowering, thought provoking questions, and inspired me to think bigger, be clearer, and push harder."

- Teresa C., former BigLaw Partner


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